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Refund Policy for Captioning & Subtitling

1. The refund policy is only valid within 15 days from delivery date.

2. After 15 days, we will charge the client for return orders with quality issues, 30% for proofreading and 50% for rework (30% and 50% of the total amount based on file length/page count).

3. The refund policy is only valid for audio or document files with grade A (Excellent) and B (Good) quality.

4. The returned order will undergo proofreading first before we raise the request for refund.

5. The request for refund is only valid if the order did not meet our standards after proofreading it. We will request a revised copy from the client.

7. The refund policy is not valid to orders with client-approved translations and transcripts prior to captioning or subtitling.

8. The 98% accuracy guarantee is not valid for rush orders and ones with poor quality audio and hand-written documents. Rework is also not valid.

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