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John Hopkins

Rating 5.0 -3 months ago

Incredible accuracy rating!

The turnaround time was faster than expected. I am extremely impressed with Accuracy of my transcription order. Great value for money without compromising quality, I will definitely order again.

Ericka Montgomery

Rating 4.0 -3 months ago

I love the big discount!

I am very happy with the service especially the affordable rates. I am even more delighted when they offered me a 20% discount for my bulk orders.

KC Guevara

Rating 3.5 -4 months ago

High five for excellent service!

Speedgets makes it easy for customers. You have the option to choose for e-mail delivery or standard mail. I chose the latter and I am one happy customers.

Judea Ramsey

Rating 3.5 -4 months ago

Friendly customer service!

Customer service is excellent. The response was prompt every time I have questions regarding my project. You can call them any time using toll free hotlines or online chat.

Tim Fowlry

Rating 3.5 -5 months ago

Good job Speedgets!

Speedgets has been my top choice for transcription. Transcripts are always topnotch and delivered on time or even way ahead of the deadline.

Rebecca Austin

Rating 3.5 -6 months ago

Impressive result!

The team of transcribers is talented and efficient. They answered all my questions and the result is outstanding!

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